Developing Identity ON Yield, SOil and Site

Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition - Agricultural University of Athens
TRANSCOOP - Agency for Transnational Training and Development
Haskovo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Federation of Professional, Crafts and Trade Associations of Evros
Institute of Viticulture and Enology Pleven
Kavala Development Agency - Local Authorities Enterprise
Municipality of Kirkovo
Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, University of Plovdiv "Paisii Hilendarski"


DIONYSOS Project aims to revitalize local wine varieties and wine tradition as a means to preserving biodiversity and as a lever for the development of the area. In this context, DIONYSOS aims at raising and utilizing local wine varieties and local wines as a special natural and cultural asset for the project area and as a means to distinguishing and differentiating it. In the same sense, the project seeks to enrich and promote local wine production with local wine varieties, while enhancing the local productive identity by applying integrated approaches to the promotion of the region as a wine tourism destination.

To this end, bodies with different background and supplementary specialization, as e.g. research institutes with focus on wine, agencies dealing with tourism development, agencies representing local businesses and the local authorities as the main actors in development planning, join this cooperation pursuing the synthesis of their experience and actively contributing to the development of the region's attractiveness, besides enhancing the role of the relevant wine-growers and wine making enterprises.

DIONYSOS project is being implemented in the framework of the INTERREG V-A GREECE - BULGARIA 2014-2020 COOPERATION Program and is being realized in the region of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace in Greece and in the areas of Kardjali and Haskovo in Bulgaria. The pilot actions of the project are implemented in the wider area of the municipalities of Pangaion (Kavala) and Soufli (Evros) in Greece, and Kirkovo and Haskovo in Bulgaria.

DIONYSOS actions

DIONYSOS actions

DIONYSOS project encompasses actions to redesigning the current winegrowing and wine making model, while enhancing the cultivation of local varieties to differentiating the area and since they make up a comparative advantage of it. Furthermore it includes actions to highlighting this particular local productive identity of the area.

The project emphasizes the local terroir as an important factor for the specific organoleptic characteristics of wine. It raises the area's wine identity, focuses on realizing the value of the local vineyard (varieties and landscape) by the local communities, it creates synergies for the development of tourism in the area upon its wine varieties and it supports the area's promotion.

In this context, scientific researches on a common methodology are being carried out in both countries for the identification and analysis of the local varieties; experimental vinifications are performed in specialized wine laboratories. A digital map and an online platform for the region's vineyards are being designed, a plan for wine tourism is being developed, QRC information sign posts are installed and pilot interventions are implemented to improving the aesthetic image of the settlements in an effort to raising their local identity.

Seminars to wine growers and wine producers are held to improving the product quality. Seminars are also held to tourism operators along with awareness raising activities in the local communities, so as for them to realize their local natural heritage along with the importance of wine tourism for the local economy. Other actions boost business and local co-operation, while others raise the area to a wine tourism destination.

A trilingual wine tourism guide

A trilingual wine tourism guide

"...There is Alcinous fertile vineyard too. Yellow grape clusters - some on an open and level ground drying in the sun, while others are being picked up by the vine grower. Some of it is treaded in the tub; others are still young twigs in blossom, a third tinged with amber. Where the vine lines end, the beds are planted with greenery of difference, which does not even wither..."

Homer, Odyssey (Rhapsody VII, verses 129-135)

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DIONYSOS Project Beneficiaries

The Project is implemented under the Cooperation Programme INTERREG V-A "Greece - Bulgaria 2014-2020" and is co-founded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and national funds of the countries participating in it.